June 12, 2015Published by: Drew Benvie

Will Jack make Twitter cool again?

Image courtesy of The New Yorker

As news emerged last night that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is stepping down and will be replaced in the short term by one of the company's original co-founders, Jack Dorsey, it has left the media world talking of a 'crisis' at the social network.

For sure, Twitter is still a major global social network. No other is as powerful when it comes to influencing the press - tweets from figureheads fill every day's papers, and brands use the channel as an open platform for customer service above all others.

But unlike rivals such as Instagram and WhatsApp, Twitter isn't cool any more. You can't say that about Jack Dorsey. I'm a big fan of @Jack. What he has achieved, and the style he has achieved it with, at his other main project now, payments company Square, I think is tremendous. If you are looking for a single read on Jack Dorsey, this long piece in The New Yorker sums up his style and achievements very well.

A telling quote from Dorsey's interview with the New Yorker hints at the direction he might possibly want to take Twitter in:

Dorsey’s tastes—minimalist design, severe diets—mirror the Twitter aesthetic. “Constraint inspires creativity,” he says.

Will Jack Dorsey make Twitter cool again? Somehow we think so.

Image courtesy of The New Yorker.


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