January 28, 2016Published by: Samantha Sy

Yik Yak finally launches on the web

Nearly a year ago, we blogged about a new player in the messaging app game, called Yik Yak. The hyper-local so-called 'gossip' app raised millions in funds and took the US college campuses by storm, and now, has launched on the web.

The app acts like a local bulletin board for your area by showing the most recent posts from other users around you, without actually having to know them.The web app makes it much easier to use on the computer or laptop like other social media sites. It has followed in the same path as WhatsApp Web due to the way you start ‘yakking’ on the web: you need your mobile number and a code to sign in. When Yakking via the website, your icon (whether it be a pair of socks, an anchor, a paw…) looks a little different to how you post on your mobile - see below!

Our views have changed since our first Yik Yak blog post and we’re beginning to become fans of it - it may no longer just be for university or college students!

The app has developed massively since its launch in 2013 while still sticking to its key features of anonymity and creating or viewing discussion threads within a 5-mile radius. It has adopted features from other social media sites like the ability to explore other topics, add polls and visuals. Ideas can go viral that are specific to your area for example, you like that new restaurant that opened up? You’re feeling penguin-y? 

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 17.20.01One piece of advice: if you missed an episode of your favourite programme, most people will be Yakking about it. Knowledge is power; they will spoil it for you!

Like Snapchat, its USP is its anonymity: sending photos and getting no backlash. It is slowly climbing up the ranks for millennials who love their 'micro-moments'.

Could social media be edging towards the reactive and the anonymous? Will people end up posting, getting involved and reading more when no-one knows who they are? This form of posting is fun but has had some repercussions.

We'll be following Yik Yak's journey closely to find out what will happen next.

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