March 24, 2016Published by: Jonny Atter

YouTube ups its live streaming capabilities

Have you tried live streaming video yet? It's increasingly at our finger tips with Facebook Live and Periscope but now YouTube has stepped into the game too. Although YouTube has had live streaming capability for a while now it had to be done through Google+ and Hangouts if you were on a desktop, or through the YouTube creator app if on mobile and wasn't always the most user friendly experience.

Yesterday, Google announced it's building a new app called YouTube Connect which will provide a more integrated user experience and user friendly platform. It's expected to launch around May. Users can login with their Google or YouTube account on their mobile, and will be able to begin streaming immediately with YouTube Connect. Videos will then be available for live viewing, and once the stream has finished there should be the option to save it to the user’s channel.

We know that for live streaming to go mainstream, it will need to be native to the social networks and platforms we know and love so we're really excited to see where things go next now that Google, Facebook and Twitter each have their own version for you to choose from.

For YouTube, this sits very well with their platform and audience but the question in my mind is, do subscribers and viewers want live streamed content showing a more raw side to a creator, or do they prefer the polished and highly edited YouTube personas they are used to?

We can already get daily snippets through Snapchat, so what will be the value add of live streaming be for us all? Will it be just a fad, limited to events and live Q&A. Only time will tell.

Watch this space!



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