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Product Engineer

About the role

We’re looking for a Product Engineer to join our team. This is a new role and the beginning of a dedicated team focussed on new product development and innovation. It is a software development role but with an emphasis on exploring new ideas, developing prototypes and building out MVPs that can be scaled with the support of a wider team. 

We’re keen to hear from people with diverse backgrounds so if you don’t tick every box exactly, please get in touch and let’s chat.

The title Product Engineer reflects the fact that you will be hands-on developing software but also have a passion for early stage product development and user needs so you can contribute to the product roadmap. It would suit a full-stack developer with 3-5 years of professional experience who is interested in working on new ideas from user needs all the way through to production.

Over 8 years, Battenhall has grown significantly with a significant focus on innovation and empowering everyone in the team to bring new ideas to the table. We’ve got an enviable client base of and won a number of major awards in our industry. Over the years we believe we’ve proven the value of constant innovation and we’re ready to bring in the first full-time software development position to focus exclusively on current and future ideas.

To flourish in this role, you will have a proven track record developing and maintaining modern web apps. This is likely to include experience working with Javascript in the browser and on the server. With a focus on time-to-value, one or more of the following libraries / frameworks would be common: React / Next, Vue / Nuxt or similar. You will also have experience working with cloud platforms that enable rapid prototyping and do much of the heavy lifting around the backend and deployment (for example Firebase, Google Cloud Platform or AWS).

Desirable, but not essential, experience could also include Python, as our roadmap includes projects working with data and machine learning as well as existing products built with the Python data science stack.

This is an emerging role and you would be working within a diverse, multidisciplinary team. This means you’ll need to be comfortable working individually on the development of projects, working with Innovation Product Managers and our Design team on UX. Our vision is for this team to grow quickly at pace with our wider agency, so there will be opportunities to help shape this.

To apply, send your CV to join@battenhall.com and tell us why you'd be the next great Battenhaller.

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One in five hours at Battenhall is spent on experimenting and innovation. We do this because it is the best way to keep our skills at the bleeding edge, so that we can stay a step ahead of the curve and pass the knowledge we build up on to our clients.

Flexi and Remote Working

All staff are empowered to work in whatever way is most effective for them, for our clients and our team. We embrace flexi and remote working to keep us motivated and plugged-in so that we are always delivering work of the highest quality.

Side Projects

We encourage portfolio working and side projects. This means our team are able to take on big, new things on top of their day jobs, as that is where true Eureka moments come from.

We have work time allocated to projects that we get involved in because we care about the cause, rather than just getting paid. These pro bono projects are either for charities or good causes, and chosen by us as a team.

All team members at Battenhall have a generous tech fund to accommodate their innovation and day to day work, covering the hardware, software, apps and anything else we need.

Health and Wellbeing

We have our very own in-house health coach, one-to-one mentoring and wellbeing training for all staff. Plus, we provide a generous wellbeing allowance to spend on something to benefit your physical and mental health each year.

Want to be part of the Battenhall team?