Battenhall REACT

Rapid Engagement, Analytics and Crisis Team

Social and the metaverse

Battenhall enables brands to engage with audiences using the most innovative and progressive techniques and technologies. Our applied consultancy offering gives deep audience insights for planning and management of digital engagement, together with full service project-based or retained agency offering. From social media to the metaverse, NFTs and Web3, our specialist team is pioneering in our field.

Battenhall REACT

A new offering in response to the need for fast and sophisticated, critical digital and social media communications services, led by specialist project teams of Battenhall consultants. From creating and running incremental digital communications channels, to strategic comms leadership, to data analytics, monitoring and reporting on issues online, Battenhall REACT offers leadership at scale with innovation at the core.

20% time

Organisations with an urgent need for our support can apply for Battenhall's 20% time, designed for brands that cannot easily a benefit from specialist agency consultancy. This is one of the reasons we give all Battenhall consultants 20% of their time back for side projects and cause-led initiatives. We will update this page with highlights of 20% initiatives that we deliver as part of the Battenhall REACT offering.

Key Services

Issues analytics and monitoring

Tracking and analysis of brand, competitor, customer and topic mentions on social media, online and in the metaverse and Web3 to define brand strategies.

Digital, social and metaverse strategy

Senior leadership support and counsel for internal and external communications at critical times.

Brand protection control

Specialist support in development of brand protection across social media, metaverse and Web3.

Multimedia content production

Creation of social media and virtual world assets, from video and digital design to interactives, metaverse and NFT content.

Brand platform build

Social media, digital and metaverse development, including ongoing management of digital brand presence.

20% time services

An allocation of 20% of Battenhall's specialist consultants' time for organisations in need of urgent assistance.

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