Voice services from Battenhall

Talk to Battenhall on Google and Alexa

Want to hear the latest social media news over your morning coffee, or during the daily commute?

Battenhall's daily social media news briefing is now available on both Alexa and Google devices. Listen every weekday on your favourite voice-powered device:

  • "OK Google, ask Battenhall to tell me the latest social media news"
  • "Alexa, ask Battenhall to tell me the latest social media news"

Alexa fans, you will need to add the Battenhall skill from the Alexa app before you can ask for it

Learn more about Voice for your business

Your customers are already using Voice devices to interact with your brand, but are you listening? Start small by managing the information that Google, Alexa and Siri share about your brand, or go big and develop your own branded voice experience. Our team of researchers, strategists and customer experience designers can help you understand the opportunities and pitfalls involved in the latest ways to use Voice for brands.

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