October 11, 2016Published by: Charlie Gregory

What’s the haps with Snap?

Not content with just rebranding towards the end of last month, Snap Inc. have had also a whole host of press in the past few days. So here's a little round up for you about what the haps is with Snap.

Firstly, the Auto Advance feature - which allowed the user to click one Recent Update in their stories and watch all of them back-to-back - is no more. In Snap's own words, "Sometimes we just want to see what our close friends or family are up to – not all of our friends – and Auto Advance prevented that." Though this is taking place across a group of Android users first, the update will happen for the rest of us at some point in the near future.

Secondly, in an interesting move from the 173-year-old newspaper, The Economist can now be found on Snapchat Discover. As the app is becoming more widely used by different audiences, it makes sense for the "forward-looking [and] globally curious" publication to join the likes of Buzzfeed, Mashable, Sky News and Sky Sports. The Economist will post updates at a weekend, as a deep dive into a specific issue. Look out for it this coming Saturday.

Business Insider recently published a deep dive into what it's like to work at Snapchat, which is an interesting read. From secrecy and upheaval to a "Fight Club-like list of forbidden topics of discussion", it wouldn't surprise us if each day at Snapchat was like a cross between Groundhog Day and one of the app's stories. In a strategy that tends to stop leaks from happening to press, it must be somewhat frustrating to work at a company where the only time you find out about a new update is when you read about it on the company's blog.

But not all news can stay within Snap's four walls. According to the Wall Street Journal, Snap Inc is working on an IPO for March that sees the company valued at $25 billion. Not bad for an app that prides itself on its ability to never have existed in the first place.

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