Metaverse services from Battenhall

Immersion into the metaverse

If you're looking to research the market opportunity for entering the metaverse, immersion for teams who want to learn more, or full service design, build and metaverse management, Battenhall's specialist constultants can guide you. 

Battenhall has been named social media consultancy of the year three years running by The Drum, because we live and breathe innovation. We are constantly pioneering new ways of navigating clients through the future of social media, and a big part of that is the metaverse. In short, we help brands understand how to build virtual worlds in the metaverse for marketing and communications. In the last 12 months, we've established new organic presences across a range of modern metaverse platforms, including Horizon Worlds, Roblox and Opensea.

Building metaverse worlds

Get in touch to see how Battenhall can help you make the most of the metaverse, and understand its potential impact on your brand. 

Battenhall offers full-service metaverse brand campaign delivery, as well as virtual world design, creation and management. Our comprehensive set-up includes design and creation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Web3 strategy and planning, and client metaverse presences. 

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